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a family of innovative food and drink concepts created and designed exclusively for airports.

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Who We Are

We specialize in food and drink concepts created and designed exclusively for airports. Our singular dedication towards working within the airport community has allowed us to become intimately familiar with all of the issues that are vital to operating a successful airport business: airport security, employee screening, menu development, and the needs of the traveling public.

While providing air travelers and airport employees with quality food, delicious beverages, and outstanding customer service, we have simultaneously addressed such important airport matters as passenger flow, airport signage, and cleanliness.

To airport travelers we are a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of traversing the world. To airport management we are an efficient, successful business partner. To both we say the same thing: Welcome to Fresh Airport Concepts.

Our Mission

We strive to do two things:

TO OUR GUESTS… Provide mouthwatering, delicious and fresh products in an inviting, gleamingly clean environment with over-the-top customer service that will make you say “WOW!”

TO OUR LANDLORDS, AIRPORTS, AND CITIES… Be an exemplary and active member of the entire airport community. We serve both our customers and our partners with unrivaled service and unwavering dedication to going above and beyond the norm. As either the first stop in a new city or the last stop upon departure, we aim to leave a great impression on the traveling public.


As a concessionaire doing business with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority you have demonstrated your responsiveness and professionalism on several occasions. Your willingness to adjust hours of operation and to assist during times of passenger need are greatly appreciated. You clearly understand our desire to provide a positive customer experience here at Dulles Airport.

– Airport Manager Washington Dulles International Airport

I believe the dedication of Guava & Java’s owners and their hands-on involvement in this business will continue to result in success. Guava & Java is a valued tenant of the airport, and I would recommend it, and its owners Rita Bhasker & David Sterling, for future food & beverage opportunities both within & outside the airport environment.

– colleen von hoene Concessions & Services Manager

nominated in 5 categories
of Airport Revenue News

Award Category #12
Best New Food & Beverage Concept

Award Category #13
Food Concept Operator with
Highest Regard for Customer Service

Award Category #14
Best Airport Restaurant Design

Award Category #16
Best Airport Food & Beverage Operators

Award Category #17
Best DBE Operator

DBE Certified

As a company that is 100% ACBDE certified in multiple airports, we understand the ACDBE regulations. We know that one of the most important apsects is fulfilling Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) requirements. The company has been certified for 15 plus years in multiple locations and satisfies these critical requirements.

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Fresh Airport Concepts

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  • David Sterling, Founder & Director
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